Category: Web Development

Lazy Loading Angular Third Party

You are lazy loading everything in your Angular application, and you say … hmmmm, wait, what if I want to lazy load everything, like EVERYTHING !!, you lazy loaded your modules, components, but you’re thinking of lazy loading Angular third party dependencies, well, that’s good, but, even great, but how to do that? First Steps.

Google reCAPTCHA with Angular

You created your Angular app, of course with some forms and contact us forms, and people started to hop over your website and contacting you, some of them are just spam and running bots, you start to realize you need to install Google reCAPTCHA to avoid bots and spams. Let’s Jump Technically Get Google reCAPTCHA.

Connect Domain Provider to Your Host

So, now you are happy that you have your website ready to be deployed to the public, you want to get your domain and server and get things live, but how? how to connect domain provider to your host? How do we do so? First, what is the difference between a domain provider and a.

WordPress For Dummies

Doesn’t each one of us dream of creating his/her own website? portfolio? blog? whatever? I have always wanted to do so, and always was TOO lazy to create my backend and database and structure … etc. So, I thought of using WordPress and use it as a CMS to my content and blogs, well,, it.