How NOT to get replaced by ChatGPT and AI as a Developer

Will ChatGPT and AI replace developers? I can’t say what will happen in few years because of that rapid evolution with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ChatGPT, But now?

What will it be doing in general? It will for sure enhance and improve:

  • Bug fixing
  • Productivity
  • Handover sessions
  • Adding minor features
    • I’ve created this blog and I’m not an expert with WordPress

Why will ChatGPT and AI won’t replace you at least now?

What’s the proof? we are still here, right? 😆

But if you look at the current state of it, It can’t create a full working project, I mean, can you tell ChatGPT WordPress, to generate you a new full functioning technical blog that has exactly your specific design?


What can it do?

It can enhance your productivity, help you developing the parts that you are not aware of, I mean, I didn’t know how to develop plugins on WordPress, but I did, how? I just asked ChatGPT, I can confidently say that it worked from the first time, but it was simple, I just could dig deeper into the documentation but I was just too lazy to do so, and it would take much time, so what did I do? I asked ChatGPT and AI did the magic for me.

It will help you finish or fix bugs, I don’t think it’s yet able to fix bugs that’s related to a specific domain, but rather in a specific area, like, tell me why is this piece of code crashing 💩 or How can I enhance the performance of this part, or what does this error mean, and it will be able to guide you through it till you find the solution to it, It’s more of a speaking Stack Overflow, your very close peer programmer friend. Your speaking rubber duck.

It really does make code time lots of fun.

How not to get replaced by ChatGPT and AI?

Look at any hand drawn by AI:

Be the expert of hand drawing.

Be the Best

Be the best one that draws human hands, AI can’t yet draw human hands with good shape because it’s simply a complex thing to do, it’s the complete thing, you have to be an artist, you have to understand anatomy, you should be creative, you should understand the context of the hand gesture, you have to know what does it mean for two people to shake hands together. It’s just complex.


Be the same in development, you have to understand the business that you are working in, you have to know why are you developing this? Do you believe in what you are doing? are you giving it enough time and love to make it better?


Always be better, if you are standing still in your level and you are not progressing and improving, you will get replaced. You need to learn something every day, even if it’s a small thing, invest in yourself and become better every day.

Use ChatGPT and AI

Don’t just stay there and be afraid that ChatGPT will replace you, if so, it will replace you.

But rather start using it today to improve your daily dummy routine work, allow it to help you become more productive, let it do the dummy work for you, if you can’t find an answer online, ask it, chat with it and see what it offers, learn to speak to it and give it a better prompt that may changes its answer and gives you the right solution.


What do you do to get accepted in a job or if you are aiming for a salary increase? you try to improve yourself, right?

You try to be the best of the best, the Master of Backend Development 👑 or the Best Frontend Ninja 🥷, do it, be the master of what you do, and let ChatGPT and AI help you with that.

Ahead by Step

Always be ahead of AI by a step, AI is fast, but you for sure are more intelligent than it, always try to keep up to date with the newest technologies in your field, reading articles and blogs, check conferences and what do people speak about these days.

That was faster, right? 🤭